i-Trysting will be a meeting point for everything Learning, Training and Technology. i-Trysting hopes to show the growing relationship between these aspects of life.

As I seek practical professional exposure and expertise in the field of Educational Technology, I will engage i-Trysting to share my own experiences with Learning and Technology and share great thoughts on the subject of e-Learning as I learn myself. At i-Trysting, you will learn and keep learning, until you begin to Train others as well… you will learn to do this with IT tools.

And Me?

As I keep learning myself, I am a growing e-Learning professional with a great passion for impacting knowledge to others using IT and Technology tools. I have particularly grown passionate about EdTech and progressively sought opportunities to learn more. I’m presently studying, learning and increasing my skill set to better provide an engaging experience for my learners.

Feel free to Like, Share or Comment on any of the posts. Also, check my regularly updated Portfolio page for examples of my work.

Daniel Adeboye.

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