Effective Examination Preparation

Hello guys, I’m learning to build e-Learning courses on various topics, with a focus on training and helping others know what I know. The e-Learning Category will be to show such professional works. Visit here regularly for such.

It is amazing what can be done using PowerPoint and I’ve been learning by playing with it for designs of e-Learning courses in recent times and this was one of those ‘plays’ I designed just getting familiar with how it works. I did this using hyperlinks!

eff exam prep

It is a very simple 7 step process for preparing effectively for an examination. Those steps include:
1. Identify the scope of the exam
2. Read
3. Make Jottings
4. Study Jottings
5. Get Past Questions
6. Revise finally
7. Pray
The course talks about the What, Why and How of these steps above…

eff exam prep2

It is interactive and I enjoyed going from page to page seeing different aspects in the course. The PowerPoint design is available and is best enjoyed when viewed as a slide show. Click Effective Exam Preparation to download and view.

Expect more to come…

Enjoy guys!


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